About Accounting HQ

Our History

We are Accounting HQ Limited – Chartered Accountants, Rotorua.

At Accounting HQ we excel in accounting for three simple reasons - belief in our clients, ourselves and the business we’re in. This philosophy can be further separated into four key areas: Client Synergy; Our Heritage and Values; Our People and Skills and The Future.

Client Synergy

Our accounting clients are as diverse as the Rotorua and Whakatāne regions - in size, industry, operation and future planning. Many operate at the leading edge in their particular industry. We constantly monitor our performance and ensure we offer an integrated and responsive service. Whether large or small, our clients need only two attributes to be part of the team - strong business ethics and a desire to improve.

Our Heritage and Values

We are proud of past achievements. Our commitment to values and the highest standards empower us to operate with strength and energy. This ensures our continuing leadership role in business and the broader community. Our team conveys this affinity with a professional attitude; our office suites provide a welcoming environment; and the latest technology facilitates easy access to information.

Our People and Skills

Technology can get you only so far - it's the people you count on. We understand the region and provide resourceful approaches to problems; examining every angle and providing leadership and business advice. Although our roots are here, our eyes are on the rest of the world through associations and involvement with both accounting and industry leaders. To this end our membership to NZ CA is of great help to our clients. We contribute to clients' success through leadership in business advice, with positive and proactive measures.

The Future

As in any era, opportunities exist for those who identify the moment to make a professional move. It's a time of change and imaginative decisions need to be made by looking at the big picture and setting objectives. We value our involvement in clients' policy-making processes, in addition to managing housekeeping and compliance issues.


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