Terms of Engagement

I/We hereby instruct you Accounting HQ Limited and staff/contractors as applicable to prepare my/our Financial Statements and Taxation Returns for the year/period ending on the balance date specified above. I/We undertake to supply all information necessary to carry out such services and will be responsible for the accuracy and completeness of such information. I/We understand that you will rely upon the information provided by me/us. Your services are not intended to, and accordingly will not result in the expression by you of an opinion on the Financial Statements in so far as third parties are concerned, or in the fulfilling of any statutory audit requirements. I/We understand that during preparation of the Financial Statements and Taxation Returns you will not be specifically investigating non-compliance with laws and regulations – however, should anything come to light of this nature during this process, you will bring that to my/our attention.

I/We understand that the Financial Statements and Taxation Returns are prepared for my/our own use and to determine my/our taxation liabilities. If this should change in any material respect, I/we will inform you immediately. You will not accept any responsibility to any person, other than me/us, for the contents of the Financial Statements.

All other terms and conditions of this engagement are the same as those referred to in the original Engagement Letter I/we signed when I/we became a client.

I/We also accept that you have the right to charge interest on overdue accounts at the rate of 1.5% per month, and that all accounts are due for payment by the 20th of the month following invoice date. The charging of such interest will be at your discretion. I/We accept that any collection costs you incur will be fully recoverable from me/us.

Authority is given to obtain information from Inland Revenue, other government agencies and financial institutions about all tax types (except child support), bank and loan accounts in order to complete the above assignments. This includes obtaining information through all Inland Revenue media and communication channels including electronic ones.

I/We have also instructed you to prepare our GST Returns on a regular basis. I/We accept that it is my/our responsibility to advise you of all relevant transactions on a timely basis as well as obtain valid tax invoices that comply with the GST legislation.

I/We give authority for any refund credits to be transferred to Accounting HQ Limited's trust account prior to refund to me/us.

I/We authorise your organisation to act as our agent for ACC levy purposes for all associated entities. This authorisation allows your organisation to query and change information on my/our ACC levy account(s) through ACC staff, and through MyACC for Business. This authority will also allow your organisation's main representative discretion to delegate access to my/our ACC information to other members of your organisation. Other delegated members of your organisation will also be able to query and change information on my/our ACC levy account.

You are to represent me/us as my/our tax agent. All income tax returns will be signed by me/us however you are authorised to sign any other taxation return on behalf of myself/ourselves or any of my/our associated entities.


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